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The Second Monday

Painting took a lot longer than I ever thought it could. Hours and hours of scraping followed by application of various bonding agents and/or wood hardener. Finally done, but I must have invested well over 40 hours in the process, so was it worth it? Elgin manned the spray gun and I continued tarping and taping, but it was a full 10 hour workout.

Tomorrow morning I'll spend with Quinn and afternoon with Jason cutting down a nasty fake plum tree.

Mid Week

Not getting as much done as I thought I would, mostly because I hate to paint. Did get the cars washed, inside and out, with some help from Darlene. Still chasing down lumber for the deck project, the trip to Canada probably isn't going to work out, so will head to Parr Lumber early today. Weather has taken a turn for the worse, rained yesterday, looks to be very cloudy today. Perfect weather for painting!!!

First Monday of Vacation

Had a great weekend with my son, finishing up work on the boat and power washing while it is in the mid-80s. The water felt warm after running through the poor tired power washer. I got 2 lawns mowed, finished up Quinn's stool/chair thing. Made some simple syrup for Daiquiris, so pretty much ready for the week. Need to finish power washing 3631 - lots of scraping and surface prep to follow. Want to wash my cars, inside and out, but that always take such a long time.